Weilian Poder Global Consulting


WPGC at a Glance

Mission and Values

Weilian Poder Global Consulting (WPGC) believes that bespoke advisory services best empower organizations to achieve at their highest potential. Our values also reflect the standards necessary to make cross-border professional relationships more successful.

These values include:

  • Integrity, Trust, and Respect: We hold ourselves to a higher bar when serving clients and others.

  • Diligence and Thorough Work Standards: WPGC pledges to deliver timely and well composed deliverables so that the client can best benefit from our acumen.

  • Community-Driven Spirit of Teamwork: We commit to seamlessly working with client teams in order to support the project and meet its goals.

Consultant Profile


Managing Principal

William J. Vogt (范奇伟)

Will Vogt is a subject matter expert on issues related to developing markets (especially China and Latin America) as well as the global politics surrounding information technology use. He is adept at integrating elements from different academic, business, and cultural dimensions to create unique solutions to fast emerging problems.

Will has a significant background in risk management organizations and has served as a consultant for clients facing supply chain, business continuity, property risk, political risk, cyber risk, international negotiation, and crisis management challenges. He has published analytical work in numerous academic journals.

Will is an avid linguist who has lived in China and Ecuador. He speaks Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese, and is currently learning French, German, and Vietnamese. Will is also a history buff and a golf enthusiast. He currently lives with his wife in New York City.

For more information, check out his LinkedIn page.



Communication, Culture, Technology

Foreign Service


Inter-American Dialogue

National Language Service Corps

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis

China Institute


  • Languages: Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese

  • Technology: SPSS, Python

Our Name

Weilian (威廉) is a Chinese translation of “William,” Poder is a Spanish word with two meanings (power, to be able to). Taken together, the company name is a loose translation of “Will Power Global Consulting.”