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Themes in International Interactions

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Guidelines and Introduction


It is my pleasure to invite you to Themes in International Interactions, the official blog of Weilian Poder Global Consulting. Here we will discuss and outline key contemporary issues driving your business and our advisory services.

We hope you enjoy the content and encourage you to thoughtfully comment to continue the conversation.

Notes on Our Perspective

This blog deals with political themes, including analyses of potentially controversial issues and occurrences. As head of Weilian Poder, I stress transparency and a willing attempt at objectivity. This requires acknowledging facts and reality in order to diagnose and treat risks as they emerge.

I emphasize to you, the reader, that although this publication will inevitably hold a point of view, it will never be one intended to antagonize or attack figures/ideas inappropriately or ad hominem. Opinionated critiques will be substantiated with reasons as to why a situation would provoke such an opinion in a specific given context. I welcome comments that challenge these views but ONLY if they do so in the same spirit in which our original posts were written.

Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to engaging with you.

Rules on Comments

Any commented content that discriminates, personally attacks, or is inappropriate/irrelevant to the topic of the blog post is not permitted.

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