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Recognized Expertise


Topic: The relationship between China and Portuguese-speaking countries 

Vogt, William J. "China and Portuguese-Speaking Countries: A Compatible Alliance Network?” China Quarterly of International Strategic Studies, 3 (4): 551-573 (Winter 2017).

Theorizes how relations between China and Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa and South America represent an important pillar in Beijing's contemporary strategic and economic policymaking.


Topic: How language reforms spur China's geopolitical rise 

Vogt, William J. “Language in China’s Telecommunications Age.” The Yangtze Review, 1 (2): 157-173 (Spring 2015).

Outlines the strong statistical and historical connections between Chinese government-driven language reform and communications technology-fueled economic development in the country.


Topic: Technology, populism, and development in Latin America

Vogt, William J. “Internet Penetration, Government Transparency, and Private Sector Development: Global Trends and an Analysis of Argentina as a Case Study.” Electronic Media & Politics, 1 (6): 1-12 (June 2015).

Provides a data-driven argument against the philosophy that increased technology growth will decrease corruption in emerging market countries like Argentina.