Weilian Poder Global Consulting


International and Interpersonal

Service Offerings in Detail


  • Perform leading roles in formal and informal dialogues with international business partners. This includes direct travel and face-to-face meeting support during international client projects.
  • Investigate and analyze international business partner perceptions and needs, with an emphasis on aligning them to client goals.
  • Briefings, debriefings, and preparatory reports outlining expert-level knowledge of industry trends, country policies/practices, cultural concepts, and important linguistic information related to clients' international business relationships.
  • Full-time international business relationship management on behalf of clients.

Quality control (QC)

  • On-site risk evaluation and mitigation support at any point in client supply chains.
  • Program development and advising.
  • Cost-benefit analyses to approximate probable impacts of QC reforms on client's multinational supplier relationships and overall bottom line.
  • Personalized, face-to-face support in international negotiations with client business partners when confirming and implementing a new QC program.


  • Market segment analyses, including breakdowns relevant to client industry, company size, and supply chain.
  • Risk and event forecasting based on thorough analysis of key geopolitical trends.
  • Detailed assessment of political risk vulnerabilities and mitigation opportunities based on current client situation and/or proposed executive decisions.
  • Extensive and realistic scenario planning to improve strategic responses to rapidly emerging sociopolitical risk exposures. 


  • Pro/con analyses to aid client executive team about the risks and opportunities associated with changing relationships from, between, or within various international markets.
  • Relationship management support for clients as they transition away from certain international relationships and look to build others elsewhere.
  • Cost estimates for continuing, starting, amending, and ending international business relationships.
  • Advisory support to help clients integrate strategic risk mitigation into their overall international business and investment priorities.


  • On- and off-site risk evaluations covering all points of client supply chains.
  • Risk identification and prioritization reports to provide C-suite decision makers with accurate foundations for new mitigation approaches.
  • Personalized risk mitigation strategy development.


  • Translation of written and oral content, including curation of business materials for use before, during, and after negotiations with current or potential international business partners.
  • Cultural advisory support to ensure clients maintain strong relationships with both their business partners overseas as well as across the many borders these relationships flourish.
  • Direct interpretation throughout meetings, negotiations, and day-to-day relationship building between client organizations and their partners abroad.
  • Marketing strategy consulting with an emphasis on building, improving, or maintaining strong global brand appeal for target consumer and/or revenue driving demographics.



WPGC subscribes to a model of political risk consulting espoused by many major firms engaged in multinational business. As outlined by experts such as Rice and Zegart (Political Risk, Twelve Publishing, 2018), firms face various conflicts from geopolitical tensions to internal corporate disagreements to breaches in contracts. From this perspective, relationships are a centerpiece in consulting solutions and must support an underlying model for processing and resolving risk-induced challenges. For this reason, WPGC follows the Rice/Zegart risk treatment pattern of "Understand, Analyze, Mitigate, and Respond" (Rice and Zegart, p. 106-120) when engaged in client advisory work.