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"Will (Vogt) has a strong understanding of international markets, which has been especially useful to us in China. His efforts and advice have helped our company achieve significant savings in sourcing costs.”

Tim Buchheit
President and CEO
Buchheit Enterprises

"Will Vogt is an excellent researcher who knows Spanish and Mandarin. With his deep experience in Latin America and Asia, Will has the ability to understand local customs and the implications of policy decisions in both regions.”

Dr. Erick Langer
Georgetown University
Former Director, Center for Latin American Studies

"Will Vogt is an informed global citizen who possesses a deep understanding of other cultures. His years of experience in the United States and abroad make him ideally suited to tackle the contemporary challenges of inter-cultural business communication, political risk management, and cybersecurity."

Dr. Andrew Bellisari
Research Associate, Harvard Kennedy School
Founding Faculty, Fulbright University Vietnam

"Will Vogt has a passion for global affairs that is matched by his experience, intellect, and a deep understanding of Chinese, Spanish, and other languages. "

Ben Omer
Former Champion, Jiangsu Cup Chinese Speech Contest

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"Very focused and produces high quality work"

International trade executive


"Attentive and caring...always on top of the next task"

International communications practitioner


"Compassionate, welcoming, and good at anticipating needs"

Travel industry specialist


"Understands how to apply intellectual knowledge in the real world"

Political risk researcher