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Business diplomacy & political risk

Services for a Global Economy 

Weilian Poder gives organizations the ability to overcome complexity and thrive in international business environments.

Weilian Poder Global Consulting (WPGC) is directly engaged with emerging trends in global business integration. Our firm employs a consultant base that has represented clients across multiple industries with the mastery of languages, cultures, policies, and business practices necessary to succeed in major international markets.

Whether your organization is large, small, brick-and-mortar or cyber-based, WPGC can help you improve quality, enhance profitability, and save costly expenses and delays with your next international project. We provide beginning-to-end support for navigating complicated cross-border barriers ranging from high-level market segment reports to accompanying clients as lead negotiators on visits to key multinational stakeholders.

Contact us for more information about the services listed below. Our consultants are also available to share their expertise in public speaking engagements.


Key Service Areas 

International negotiation support

Achieving meaningful agreements is always challenging. WPGC has experience identifying and assessing business needs and opportunities for shared growth and understanding across all parties in an international negotiation.


Reputation is emerging as a leading factor in sustainable business profitability. Given the greater risk exposures found in today's more complex production chains, organizations face the risk of serious reputational fallout if product quality declines rapidly. WPGC has experience in working with different stages in international supply chains to outline and reform quality control measures before they lead to catastrophic losses.


Many decision makers recognize the potentially strong impacts of politics and policy on their businesses. WPGC has the credentials and international business experience necessary to diagnose and address those risks most meaningful to clients as they make their international business plans.


With the wide array of influences present in the modern globalized economy, it can be very challenging to make well-informed next steps for your business. WPGC can be a helpful resource in sorting through substantial amounts of information and can make thoughtful recommendations pointing organizations towards a path of continued success. 


Given the speed and tight profit margins present in much of the global economy today, disruptions pose a unique and powerful threat for organizations exposed to multinational logistics and sourcing. WPGC utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to assist clients with assessing and mitigating these risks.


Although the world is becoming more closely integrated, the nuanced differences evident across societies are critical elements determining successful international relationships and partnerships. WPGC is well versed in cross-cultural understanding and can provide timely and meaningful analysis guiding organizations towards more effective communication with international counterparts.